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Next world cup soccer nations

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The world cup in Russia will be in its final stage, which is going to be held in 2018. The first two stages of the semi final game will be played on July 10 in 2018. The session of the next world cup is long as well as it is  dangerous for many national teams. Some teams come out of the recent Copa America and Euro 2016 with more confidences, while some other national teams are in crisis. But Germany is in a mini crisis.

Next world cup soccer nations

Germany’s leaving from Euro 2016 may be 0-2 loss to France in the semi final was a disgracing defeat for a team and a manager who is completely predictable to add its recent world cup victory through the winning of European championship. The reputation of the generation of Germany players is accurately considered as the best in the world and this is absolutely leading. The manager of Germany states that it was the better team. The team lost because of its luck along with the couple of poor decisions. This was undermined by his own decision. During the previous matches, he was doing better against France. The manager claimed that the euro match had been diluted by its growth to 24 teams. Sometimes players feel that the quality is suffering. If the riff raft has not  been permitted, then Germany would win the championship.

Next world cup soccer nations

Next world cup soccer nations

Explanations that Germany not getting a championship

The more reasonable explanation is because of the absence of key players like Mats Hummels and Mario Gomez through their injury as well as the key defender Jerome Boateng is playing in the second half. But the actual fact behind  not getting the championship is Germany failed to turn possession into goals. Since many times Germany’s defense has been indecisive because of the striker Thomas Muller. They failed to take a correct decision. At the euro and various other qualifying games, it definitely needs a striker to poach the goals. Germany needs to toughen up their position.

About England in soccer

England was disclosed to be brimming with talent along with they are unable to play cohesively as a team, especially the opposing team with tight defensive tactics. There is a lack of imagination of the manager Roy Hodgson. Some of them talk about the English system, but this would take some generations. Meanwhile, this short time England needs a new manager named as Italian Roberto Mancini. They spent their various successful seasons in charge of the city. A famous top player will be familiar with motivational powers. Since  England’s performance in Euro 2016 seems like the English man will be hired. Kinsman spent their past few years as in-charge of  the United States team. England definitely wants a manager to get the team into the world cup and do better than a team like Iceland. That is the immediate disaster of England.

United states crisis

The team of USA is also looking for the crisis. That is the reason Klinsmann links with England. From August onwards, it is now five years since he took over the management. Too many players come and go from the team because of the over reliance on aging players like Clint Dempsey and Toronto FC’s Michael Bradley. But their expectations will be very high. At that time, the United States team appeared like shuffles, hesitant and nervous. Klinsmann has a contact with the soccer federation team of the United States that expires in 2018. However a man with promised excellence and delivered chaotic unevenness may perhaps reach a boiling point and reduce the crisis.

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