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Soccer players may attacks brain injury while heading ball

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The soccer players who have repeatedly hits the ball using their heads, it may cause some measurable damages to the brains. Even the players are not suffer such concussion but based on study reviled the things are proved from the journal of American Medical association group. They examining scan reports from various Germany players the researchers find the damage pattern which shows strongly assembled with the patients by mild traumatic injury occurred in brain.

Soccer players may attacks brain injury while heading ball

The association researchers mainly focused on sports person especially soccer players. With reveals the interior portion of brain which carries signals from cells from verve to spinal cord part. From that they tracked movements of water molecules which have travelled individually within tissue of brain by randomly or narrow linear position or pattern that is in diffuse pattern. The movement shows a narrow track, it suggests molecules to be hemmed by fibers in healthy way. And moreover, they suggests for brain tissue suffers for their damage and it doesn’t no longer to restrict the water molecules and their movements.

Soccer players may attacks brain injury while heading ball

Soccer players may attacks brain injury while heading ball

With the help of high resolution MRI method of treatment which is called as diffusion tensor. The researchers look out some changes via microscopic for temporal, frontal and lobes. Those regions are helps to control their attention, thinking, memory and visual processing parts. For that they can research about swimmers and their brains which show less damages because they served much control over those regions. Based on American consumer product safety association maintains nationalize database about the injuries which shows 40 percent of soccer player have the result of collision occurs between players and 13 percent of players have affected by hitting ball using their head. At the starting point, this study was so preliminary level after research about the soccer players this study was so important and tells about serious issues.

Be careful using your heads especially the young ones

The American associations of surgeons suggest to those soccer players especially for young agers, they are much less suffering from concussions than the other sports players. And moreover, the study of Jama also focused on sub concussive problems that impacts have not strong enough cause for such concussion. By selecting their subjects about particular soccer player, the researchers tested only male athletes who has been reported concussion sufferings and also they never been diagnosed by any physician.

But no one has seen the study of abnormalities like apparent of MRI conventions. The diffusion tensor reveals unobservable brain damages at previously, but it is not clear whether they changes whole matter seen in the study which causes any type of problems. It conveyed by Penn institute of neuroscience director, who was not involved in this study. As per the American youth soccer association oversees about 900 groups has safety officials, they said mostly head injuries and about concussions causes are the main topic to discuss.

Organization helps identify concussion problems

From the director of safe haven programs conduct organization for adopting recommended forth centers for prevention of head injuries and acts as center for controlling the diseases. For that they instruct players, coaches, parents and game officials based on how to identify concussion problem. When the sings of concussion to be find out the player must be leaved from play in that particular day and even parents have taken care for treatment from physician, after getting the positive reports the player must enter into the play. Safe heaven program experiments special helmets for preventing heading problems, but it is not work out to reduce their damages. So every player have know the own thought about the concussion and their effects based on the medical test can make it further steps.

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