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Tennis player fix the eye contact by watching the ball

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Underlying the coaches and players of tennis world Brabenec and stojan paying the attention over the game by their learning process and methods, which exclusively visible to elements like backswing, stroke, swing at forward and they follow those techniques to examine the impact moment which they received comparatively less attention over the researchers. Here, the main purpose of this study based on examining their behavior during the phase they hitting that is they explore method of keep your eye on ball, it probably the most used technique in the even tennis world.

Tennis player fix the eye contact by watching the ball

In that way, to explore their photos and angle stills just after completion of professional matches. Using this less skilled player has got good study about to handle the ball comes from the opponent. Whereas in the past study look out all the photos in main sports person demonstrate about their eyes are invariable position so that the eye contact was not on the ball. With the new method of eye contact on ball helps to junior players when compare to the olden method.

Tennis player fix the eye contact by watching the ball

Tennis player fix the eye contact by watching the ball

In past moments, the players lose their eye contacts after passing the ball over net region. For that the recent researches from Nadal and Federer can raise the question for this conclusion. Most of the ideas are motivating from their study because both are great players; eventually they are the top players and also got professional ranks. By considering number of hitting the ball sequences from 100 plus players, it reveals that the players should follow the ball longer time then the other players by flowing this technique, in this impact the head and eyes are moved in the same direction which same as hitting region of the ball.

Keep you eyes on the ball

At the same time, methods are contracts with past studies those are Nadal and Federer not keep themselves their eyes on the ball while playing professional matches. But after that impact their heads still remain in the position of contact region. This is called as fixation zone for contact which is act as trademark of players which have less skilled. With the most finding those players are able to follow with a fair control in consistency. That consistency also shows women’s players also by taking eye contact with the ball. Comparing players by hitting methods, it shows the top players can differ much more with their graze attitude. And also to found that their head and body attitude also differed with the previous players. With comparing majority of stills the player shows hitting with the help of their eyes which focused ahead of ball in the fog region.

Mostly the players lift their eyes to see the ball

And then it turns their head as per wish and then immediately follows the basic rules at ball receiving. When the player who are not following these instruction get lower rank in professional period, by comparing others who are taken instructions without mistakes. In the comparison most of the professional players appears not to keep eye on the ball but only happen intermediately. For that any player can seen from taken stills which specifies their control over best stokes and that is related to provide better accuracy and maintain the centering position. Even though the players can differ from their own stokes and graze of action. So the researches are also helps to those people who are interested to shine in this field and they have taken as some improvement steps likewise they try out those things in their professional matches.

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