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Other Ways In Playing Chinese Fantan Bets

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You must know the other ways in playing the interesting betting Chinese Fantan bets. Usually, this game is well known as the OG Casino. This is one of the places for playing the online betting game. It has the great attention from the world. You should choose the best site as your choice. Find the trusted and highest quality site. The popularity of the site you choose is so important because you will get the real best site if it has the good popularity. It is important to pay attention to the other ways in playing Chinese fantan bets.

Other Ways In Playing Chinese Fantan Bets

Do you know the PAGCOR? It is a law organization of Philippine. This organization gives the licensee and manages about the online betting games around the world. This is a great organization about the betting game in Asian so there is Onlinecasinoqq188.com Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site use it as the standard for getting the best online international betting game.

Oriental casino game offers some online games that can be played by you easily via online. The games are the live games so they are so interesting for play. The live online betting game that is offered by the oriental online casino game is a kind of the game that is phenomenal. It was famous in China for some years ago. One of the old Chinese games you can choose is Chinese Fantan from Oriental casino game.

Other Ways In Playing Chinese Fantan Bets

Other Ways In Playing Chinese Fantan Bets

The ways of playing Chinese Fantan betting game

To be able to play the Chinese fantan from Oriental casino game, you can start it by doing the registration at Onlinecasinoqq101.com Live Casino Gambling Games and Best Free Bets Website the best site. The registration process that is done is not difficult. It is very easy and then you just need the short time for doing the registration as the member of the betting player at a site.

After doing the registration, you can directly play the Chinese Fantan game from Oriental casino game. The Chinese Fantan is an easy game for playing. Because of that, this game is a kind of the game that is most wanted by many people. This Chinese fantan game can be played by using some ways. It uses the small stones in small size. They are in black color.

The total of the stones that are used in this game is not known. This game is played by using those stones. The total of the stones is so many. You can take some stones by using a cup that is from the live dealer. From the stones you take, they will be made in some groups. One group consists of 4 stones. If the stones of the players are 1 until 4, here the winning is decided. The betting type you can do will be based on the total cubes available. After that, there will be decided about the payment. At Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia this game is played best because you get to have biggest promotion offers.

The type of the betting in Chinese Fantan Game

The Chinese Fantan game has some betting types. There are two types. Those are:

  • FAN: it is a betting type that is done by placing the betting at the number 1 until 4. It will decide the stones total.
  • Nga Tan: It is used for increasing the winning. You can choose the betting by using Nga Tan way. Nga Tan is a kind of the betting type that is done by using 3 numbers.
  • KWOK: Kwok is a kind of the betting type that is done by using two numbers. The player can guess whether odd or even.
  • NIM: NIM is one of the ways in doing the betting with two numbers. For example, those are 1- 2, 1- 3, 2- 3, and the others. You will get the reward id one of the numbers win the game.
  • SHEH SAM HONG: it is used by doing the betting in 3 numbers.

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